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If you want value for money, quality, style and comfort, there is simply no way around VALUESPOT. We offer fashion, skincare, and home interior products that have been carefully selected to align with our values of durability, modern elegance, functionality, comfort, and sustainability. We set an example against the throwaway culture of our modern society by offering you original, quality products that will last, while making your everyday life easier and more pleasant.

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With our fashion lines, you do not have to choose between STYLE and COMFORT. We offer quality women and men clothing and footwear that are simple yet elegant, practical, and comfortable for everyday wear. Our fashion product selection is colourful, creative, each inspired by and representing what we love about the world we live in. We hope you will also be inspired and enjoy what you buy.




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Two words describe all our skincare products – ‘NO IRRITANTS’. With our range of skincare products, we want to educate our customers about product formulations that are effective and safe, challenging the myths that are deeply engrained in the beauty industry. We select products with NO DRYING ALCOHOLS, NO ESSENTIAL OILS, and NO FRAGRANCES. Avoiding products with these elements is critical, especially by for skin of color, which is more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation.





Our home interior product selection is about MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER. They all embody innovative designs that you can easily install and use to bring more comfort to your home.





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