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We are a progressive...we set the standard in skincare and fashion!


Incorporated and located in Nairobi Kenya


Original, quality, skincare and fashion products

Operating Model

100% online shop. We ship across Kenya

What makes us different


We behave in a manner that sustains customers' trust. Our customers choose us because we do what is right! We prioritise the truth and honest relationships over profit. We tell our customers if some products are not right for them. We provide adequate details of our products to help our customers make the right purchase decision.


We embody a service mindset, putting our customers' needs first. We are continuously improving and our customers find us reliable, consistent and efficient. We deliver excellent services and our customers can always call us and we spend time to educate them about the products we sell. Shopping on our online platform is simple and quick and we deliver fast.

Progressive & Responsible

We work to adapt to market changes and demand. We offer skincare formulations that are effective. We offer value for money by selling quality and original products. We strive to source from brands that care about the environment and have sustainability focus. By offering quality fashion products, we contribute to reducing the throw-away culusture of our society.

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