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Oil cleansers are good for you…and for the environment.

In South Korea and Japan, there has been a long tradition of using cleansing oils in skin care routine. This is used as part of “double cleansing” routine – first starting with an oil-based cleanser and finishing with a water-based cleanser.

Why you need cleansing oils…

Most people wear several products on their face every day – moisturizers, sunscreens (which is advisable you apply several times during the day, especially if you spend a lot of time outside), and make-up (which sometimes causes excessive sebum production). On top of that, your skin is likely to collect dirt from the air if you spend time outside. This means cleansing your skin properly is paramount to avoid clogging of the pores, bacteria building up under your skin, and eventually breaking out. If you do not properly remove all the makeup and dirt, it is unlikely that the ingredients in your skincare will penetrate the skin and work as they are supposed to.

Water and oil don’t mix well, hence trying to use a water-based cleanser to remove all the oils that have been building up during the day would not be effective. Using oil cleansers as the first step in the process of cleansing your face can help you do the job effectively because they are the best at breaking up oils and dirt on the surface of your skin. Using cleansing oils usually leaves your skin very nourished, soft, and moisturized before you go in with water cleanser, since cleansing can be harsh on your skin. Finally, you have been using makeup wipes, abandoning them and using the more effective cleansing oils is also great for the environment.

Now that you know the benefits of cleansing oils, how should you use them?

The important thing to ensure the oil cleanser does the job well is NOT to wet your face since water and oils don’t mix well.

Step 1: Put the cleansing oil on the palm of your hand and spread it across your fingers.

Step 2: Start to gently rub it into every area your facial skin and preferably your neck and gently massage the skin (for about one to two minute). This can be your moment of meditation and relaxation.

Step 3: Rinse your hands and then wash the face with water which will emulsify the oil. You can also use a face towel – wet the towel with water and use it to wipe your face. Rinse and repeat the process several times until no more dirt is remaining on the face towel.

Step 4: Immediately use a water-based cleanser to remove the rest of the dirt for the skin. This is important since cleansing oils are not supposed to replace water cleansers. While oil cleansers are the best at removing make up and dirt, using them alone can clog the pores. For the same reason, you shouldn’t wait a long time, e.g., for half an hour or more before washing off the rest of the dirt with a water cleanser.


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